Snapchat launches chat editing feature with many other fun updates

Snapchat, the social media platform famous for its disappearing messages, is now adding a chat editing feature, to address those occasional mistakes or moments when a quick rephrase is needed before hitting send.

Users will have a five-minute window to correct typos, rephrase messages or adjust their chats before they disappear, a feature most other messaging apps already offer.

How to create a public profile on Snapchat

With a public profile, you can no longer only share with friends. Now, anyone on Snapchat can find you and see your best snaps.

But there is a twist. For now, this editing feature is exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers. While Snapchat’s broader user base awaits potential access, Snapchat+ subscribers (currently 9 million, with a monthly subscription fee of $3.99) get the privilege of using it first.

The social media app also brings other exciting new features to its shores, including a revamped emoji reaction system to add a touch of personality to your chat responses. Another is the ability to use the new in-app assistant, My AI, to set reminders within the app. And for those feeling nostalgic, Snap also showed off a new AI lens that transforms your selfies into retro ’90s-themed snaps.

With these updates, Snapchat is striking a thoughtful balance, recognizing users’ growing desire for more control over communication while staying true to its core concept of disappearing messages. It remains to be seen if the editing feature will be available to everyone and how the subscription service will evolve in the future.