European Commission releases viral video of man stuffing ballot boxes during Ejisu by-election

The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) has reacted to a viral video which showed a man allegedly stuffing a ballot box at one of the polling stations for the just concluded Ejisu parliamentary by-election.

In a statement issued on May 2, 2024, the commission indicated that said video was false and a mere propaganda tool to tarnish its image and credibility.

The EC stated that the video in question does not show his modus operandi and cannot be from one of the polling stations for the Ejisu by-election.

“The attention of the Electoral Commission has been drawn to a video circulating on social media showing an indoor polling station. The video shows a man putting ballots into a ballot box.

“The Commission wishes to state unequivocally that the said video has nothing to do with the operations of the Ghana Electoral Commission, let alone the Ejisu by-election,” part of the statement read.

The commission went on to give details of their operations, comparing them with the details of the video to demonstrate that it was not their operation as follows:

1. The vest used by the Ghana Electoral Commission for its operations is blue. The official in the video is wearing a green vest. The second person seen in the video is wearing an orange vest. As stated, the Electoral Commission of Ghana uses a blue vest for its operational staff.

2. The Ghana Electoral Commission polling stations are located in open spaces, but the polling station that appears in the video is in a closed area.

3. Each polling station in Ejisu had at least six police officers in addition to the candidates’ officers. This is not the case in the video that is circulating.

4. All Ghana Electoral Commission ballot boxes are labeled according to the name and code of each polling station. The labels are stuck in bold letters on the ballot boxes. The urn in the video is not labeled.

5. Each polling station in Ejisu had only one ballot box. Two urns are shown in the video.

6. The inscription on the vest worn by the man in the video is not in English. That of the Electoral Commission of Ghana is in English language.

Read the EC statement below:


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