Nigerian man captured on CCTV assaulting Kenyan woman on wheelchair deported

Nigerian man captured on CCTV assaulting Kenyan woman on wheelchair deported

A Nigerian man caught on tape assaulting a Kenyan woman confined to a wheelchair has been deported.

The foreigner, who has been identified as Nwankwo Noko, was deported on Saturday, May 4, after physically assaulting his partner, a Ms Pauline.

Noko was captured by surveillance cameras beating up the Kenyan woman who was confined to a wheelchair. The drama appeared to occur in a house setting.

In the footage, the man is seen clobbering a helpless Pauline in the head before two other ladies looking on intervene to stop the fight.

The video went viral on April 29 prompting Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba to follow up on the case. The legislator met with the victim on May 1 and the matter was reported at the Karen Police Station.

“It’s so difficult for people to come out even for Pauline to sit here with me as I tell her story. She is completely traumatized from 10 years of violence,” Orwoba said.

“I have affirmed that the man seen assaulting Pauline is a foreigner and is here on a work permit. Pauline has children with the man.”

Ms Pauline then revealed that she and her two domestic workers had been threatened by Noko if they dared testify against him in court over the incident.

It has been revealed that there were deliberate efforts to slow down the case after it was taken up by the officers at Karen Police Station.

“The senator’s office took up the matter with the relevant authorities from Karen Police Station where the case had been reported and confirmed that there was indeed an attempt at slowing down the progress of the case through technicalities,” the statement read in part.

“The senator spoke to the OCS Karen Police Station as well as the investigation officer assigned to the matter, and the setback has since been rectified. The matter is currently in court.”

The senator strongly spoke out against the assault on Pauline, emphasizing that there could be no justification for a man targeting such a vulnerable woman.

She then pledged to take all necessary measures to safeguard Pauline and her children from any further harm or intimidation by the perpetrator.

The Ministry of Gender too—under CS Aisha Jumwa—took the matter, collaborating with Kithure Kindiki’s Ministry of Interior.

On Saturday, May 4, Jumwa’s docket reported the nabbing of the man who was being probed and processed for deportation.

“Action has since been taken, and we appreciate the swift response and efforts made by Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Interior, Prof. Kithure Kindiki, and Principal Secretary Amb. Prof. Julius Bitok in expediting this process. Nwankwo Noko has been arrested and processed for deportation,” a statement from the Gender Ministry, signed by Senator Orwoba and PS Anne Wang’ombe, partly read.

Kenyans widely commended the nominated senator and other bodies involved in the deportation of the violent Nigerian, with Kenya Kwanza Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi lauding the move, too.

“Nigerian man who assaulted a Kenyan woman – Pauline – on a wheelchair arrested and being processed for deportation. Good job, Senator @gloria_orwoba and PS Ann Wang’ombe,” he wrote.