It is alarming that civilians have the audacity to kill soldiers

Veteran music producer, Zapp Mallet Veteran music producer, Zapp Mallet

Experienced Ghanaian sound engineer and music producer, Zapp Mallet, has joined the discourse on the murder of Corporal Michael Danso amid a land dispute in Millennium City, Kasoa.

Considers the recent attacks against military personnel to be a serious concern that requires immediate attention from the authorities to prevent further loss of life.

Mallet finds it “alarming” that civilians now dare to confront military officers, noting that such incidents were extremely rare in the past.

He is shocked by the recent trend of attacks against military personnel and perplexed by the lack of decisive action to address this issue.

“What’s happening in this country lately is alarming waaaaaaaa. Do civilians have the guts to kill soldiers on the ground? The guts! Smh!” he wrote on page X of it.


On 1 May 2024, the Ghana Armed Forces confirmed the death of a junior officer who was shot dead in Millennium City, Kasoa, in the Central Region.

A statement by E. Aggrey-Quarshie, Director General of Public Relations, shed light on the land dispute that led to the tragic event.

The military provided information about the disputed lands and recounted how police detained and disarmed the attacker, Benlord Ababio, at the crime scene.

The statement described the disputed property as “half a plot of land in Millennium City”, owned by Lance Corporal (L/Cpl) Omar Abdul Rahman, who survived the attack.

“At the Police Station, the self-proclaimed landowner, accompanied by two alleged land guards, confronted the military, which led to shots being fired at the deceased soldier who was parking a vehicle at the Police Station.

“The police intervened, disarmed and detained the shooter when they realized that soldier Danso had been hit by gunfire,” the statement details.

The Ghana Police Service is actively pursuing those responsible for the crime to ensure they are brought to justice.

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