National Treasury to spend Sh20 billion in response to ongoing floods

The National Treasury has requested approval of Sh6.3 billion in additional resources to fund emergency response interventions arising from the ongoing floods, a request that, if granted, will take its expenditure on flood mitigation to almost Sh20 billion .

According to new supplementary budget estimates covering the current financial year up to June 30 and tabled in Parliament on Thursday, the total expenditure to contain the impact of the floods is expected to rise to Sh19.9 billion.

This is after taking into account Sh13.6 billion in expenditure approved by the treasury under Article 223 expenditure, which allows the Treasury to withdraw funds without the approval of parliamentarians.

A woman walks through a flooded area carrying a child after heavy rains hit the Kaloleni farm in Molo, Nakuru county, on May 3, 2024.

Photo author: Juan Njoroge | Nation Media Group

Under the expenditure clause of Article 223, the National Treasury has already disbursed Sh8.8 billion which has been channeled towards various flood mitigation initiatives.

The Department of State for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands has made the largest disbursement at Sh4.3 billion and the resources have been channeled towards humanitarian emergency response interventions for people affected by floods and droughts.

Of the Sh6.3 billion requested as additional support from the treasury, the State Department of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands is expected to receive another Sh4.6 billion to multiply its activities/actions related to flood mitigation.

The balance of Sh1.1 billion is expected to go to the State Cooperatives Department to cover excess milk arising as a result of increased or excess rainfall.

The State Department of Cooperatives had already received Sh500 million for the financial year under pre-approved expenditure by the treasury.

Other ministries and departments of State that have received funding from the treasury to assist in flood mitigation efforts include the Ministry of Defence, which has allocated Sh500 million for the course, the State Highways Department (Sh1 billion ) and the State Public Works Department (30 million shillings). million). Additionally, the state irrigation, livestock and crop development departments have been allocated Sh70 million, Sh35 million and Sh65 million respectively to join the flood mitigation efforts.

The National Treasury is yet to disburse Sh4.8 billion of the pre-approved expenditure even as it seeks the additional Sh6.3 billion.

New funding to combat flooding will inject new impetus into state interventions, including relocating people and repairing infrastructure damaged by raging waters.

The capital Nairobi and other parts of the country are battling devastating floods as heavy rains continue to hit most parts of the country.

The floods have left a trail of destruction across the country, damaging roads, submerging and washing away bridges and forcing thousands of people to move from their homes.

More than 179 people have died from the floods, and their homes and farmlands have been washed away.

Business premises and goods have also been affected by the flooding, even as the Kenya Meteorological Department warned of more downpours next week.