Daniel Anjorin: Marcus Monzo in court for the death of a schoolboy in Hainault

  • By Harry Low and Lucy Manning
  • bbc news

Screenshot, Daniel Anjorin’s family says he was “very loved” and “hardworking”

A man accused of murdering schoolboy Daniel Anjorin with a samurai sword in London has appeared in court.

Marcus Arduini Monzo, 36, was remanded in custody for the attack in Hainault on Tuesday morning.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard that Daniel, 14, suffered fatal stab wounds and four other people were injured.

He is also alleged to have run over a pedestrian with a van, attacked him and broken into a family’s home, where a couple was sleeping with their young son.

The prosecutor alleged that a series of “horrendous crimes” had been committed.

Monzo, of Newham, east London, has also been charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of causing grievous bodily harm, aggravated robbery and possession of a bladed article.

Image source, Julia Quenzler

Screenshot, Marcus Arduini Monzo to appear in court again next week

The man of dual Spanish-Brazilian nationality was on the bench wearing a gray tracksuit and with his left arm crossed over his chest.

He spoke slowly in giving his name and is due to appear at the Old Bailey on May 7 if a hearing is not available on Friday, senior magistrate Paul Goldspring said.

All of the alleged crimes are said to have occurred in Laing Close, apart from the GBH crime which allegedly took place in nearby Franklyn Gardens.

The court heard Monzo crashed a van into a fence at around 07:00 BST on Tuesday, hitting a member of the public.

He then got out of the van, said he would kill the man and cut his throat with a samurai sword, the court was told.

Screenshot, Monzo is also accused of injuring two police officers.

Prosecutor David Burns told the court Monzo broke into a nearby house where a couple was sleeping with their four-year-old daughter.

He allegedly entered the bedroom and attacked the boy’s father, shouting at him that he believed in God and causing injuries to his neck and arm, the court heard.

Monzo is accused of running after Daniel, who was walking to school, and attacking him before stabbing him in the chest as he lay on the ground.

Screenshot, The defendant arrived in court Thursday morning.

The court heard police officers arrived and tried to help the teenager, before Monzo appeared from a bush. The officers then chased him.

The court was told he jumped on a female officer and attacked her with the sword while she was on the ground, leaving her with arm injuries described by police as “horrifically serious”.

He is also accused of injuring an officer, who has a serious hand injury.

Screenshot, People have been paying their respects in Hainault.

Speaking to the Press Association, Aiste Dabasinskaite, Daniel’s neighbour, said: “We were shouting and waving at Daniel when he came out. He had his headphones on so he couldn’t hear us. It just happened right before our eyes, it was horrible.”

Another neighbor said she could no longer sleep at night “because all I can see is him standing there with the sword.”

Screenshot, Well-wishers have been laying flowers.

Daniel’s family said he was a wonderful child, “very loved” and “hard-working.”

“No family should have to go through what we are experiencing,” they said. “Any family will understand that it is an absolute tragedy.”

His school, Bancroft’s, in Woodford Green, said he was a “true scholar” who had a “positive nature and kind character”.

In a statement, she described him as a “central member” of the community, adding: “Losing such a young student is something we will always have to deal with with difficulty.”

A fundraising page, set up by a friend of Daniel’s brother on Wednesday, has already raised £35,000.

In Hainault, the police cordon has been lifted and floral tributes continue to be laid.

Sue, a retired minister, was among those who paid their respects.

She said: “It’s just lovely the way this community is here to help each other and support each other.

“We just hope and pray that something like this never happens here again.”