Huawei launches digital technology aimed at SMEs

Deputy Prime Minister Rukia Nakadama and other partners launch the Huawei Cloud program at the Sheraton hotel on Thursday (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Huawei Technologies Limited has launched a digital technology tool to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with solutions to grow their businesses.

The goal of this innovative tool is to integrate SMEs into the digital economy to enable all businesses to be online.
Ms. Sooma Mukyala Fouziya, Public Relations Manager of Huawei, revealed that this initiative will address different challenges of SMEs and provide solutions.

“We are ensuring that no one is left behind. Therefore, we encourage all SMEs to embrace this new development to help them address challenges and provide solutions to their businesses,” said Ms Mukyala.

However, he noted that beneficiaries should have less than two years of experience in the business.

Mukyala promised necessary support to business owners and asked them to make good use of their offices in Uganda in case of a data security breach.
“Our offices here in Uganda will be open to all those who want to seek redress when they encounter difficulties,” Ms Mukyala said.

Officiating at the commissioning ceremony, Ms. Rukia Nakadaama, Third Deputy Prime Minister, praised Huawei for the initiative that is helping the government realize its 2040 vision.

Nakadaama said innovation recognizes the role of digital transformation in creating jobs, simulating innovations and driving economic growth among SMEs.
He asked business owners to embrace innovations.

“We need a lot of awareness so that people know more about this cloud because many understand it differently. We need to get out of these rooms and out into the business community,” Ms Nakadaama said.

The launch was welcomed by the Minister of State for Commerce in charge of Cooperatives, Fred Gume, who called on business owners to take advantage of the opportunity.

“Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to grow our companies. Technology is the way forward in this era where we do not expect human contact,” Gume said.

Gume said that if adopted and integrated well into your work operation, cloud technology has the potential to track the performance of your businesses, saving money and time.

Sunrise Xie, CEO of Huawei Uganda, noted that with this loud program, they aim to drive digital transformation in Uganda.

“As Huawei, we are committed to providing a platform that enables SMEs to innovate around the world.”