A salary increase for civil servants can be achieved through prudent financial management

CANGAR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has assured that the salary increase for civil servants from December, as announced two days ago, can be implemented through strict financial management.

Anwar, who is also Finance Minister, said the projected salary adjustment, which is estimated to cost more than RM10 billion starting next year, is feasible with disciplined financial supervision.

“Despite our nation’s debt of RM1.5 trillion and a deficit of 5.6 per cent, which is expected to be reduced to 5 per cent this year, and Insya-Allah, even more next year, How can we proceed with this salary increase? It is because we can exercise control over the financial management of the nation.

“I think it will be a blessing and a benefit if we remain strict and strict in this regard. While many are grateful, critics argue that a 15 percent increase is not the highest, considering there was previously a 35 percent increase.

The Prime Minister said this in his opening speech in the ninth series of the Perkampungan Sunnah program here tonight.

Anwar said people should consider that the 15 percent cited was just a general figure and that the increase could be much higher in certain cases.

He said the decision to increase the salaries of civil servants is a fair reward and aims to improve their understanding of duties and discipline.

“How can we encourage society? Improve understanding, work diligently, maintain police and military discipline; If they do not receive a fair reward, then I am responsible for ensuring that this can be implemented,” he added.

Meanwhile, Anwar urged Islamic leaders to bravely address and express their views on the current atrocities against the Palestinians.

“Recent events in Gaza highlight the weakening voices of Islamic leaders and waning efforts to take a decisive stand against oppression.

“As a consequence, the audacity of Zionist Israel persists with the backing of several Western nations, particularly the United States. “While I represent a modest nation with moderate economic strength, I cannot tolerate this apathy and allow it to perpetuate,” he stated.