UPDF and police isolate Kwata area; Recover 4 bombs

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and Uganda Police have cordoned off the Kwata area, Komamboga, Kawempe Division, Kampala, after receiving information about the presence of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in the vicinity.

Spokesman of the UPDF First Division, Major Charles Kabona, stated that the bombs were found in a house rented by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists.

“This morning (Saturday) we are here, in a place called Kwata in Komamboga, that is, Kawempe Division. We have been telling people that we have some negative elements or terrorists, especially from the ADF, who are trying to attack our country, kill our people especially using bombs and carrying out assassinations,” said Major Kabona.

“So, this week we received information from our people and our intelligence that some people came and rented a house in this location, and these are the people we were looking for,” he added.

Major Kabona confirmed that four bombs were discovered along with other military equipment.

“The experts are doing their job to make these bombs explode. So far there are four bombs (but) there are other military ammunition, bullets, magazines and other items that belong to the military,” he said.

“These are part of the ADF terrorist group, and there are some who are still at large, but what we can, with our intelligence, we will identify and arrest them,” he added.

Earlier, security forces arrested several ADF suspects who Maj Kabona said were assisting security in carrying out intelligence activities.

Some of the previous arrests include; a certain Kalanza Gustin.

He was arrested in Masaka and security says he is a terrorist.

One Sulaiman Nsubuga was also arrested in Busia, while Swaleh Abubskar was elected in Zambia.

“Therefore, the operation to stop these negative elements has been underway, not only in Uganda but also on its borders. We will not rest, we will ensure that these criminals are identified, isolated and arrested,” Maj Kabona said.

He noted that these are commanded by someone identified as Panisha Nsubuga Meddie Nkalubo, who is believed to be hiding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Kabona urged the public to be vigilant and report suspicious negative items to the authorities.

Authorities blame the ADF for carrying out terrorist attacks in Uganda.