‘HE WILL BE Labour’s challenger!’ Nigel Farage praises the success of the reform by comparing his party to UKIP: “This is the difference”

Nigel Farage has explained why he believes Reform UK has a real chance of winning seats in the general election.

The GB News star previously led UKIP, another right-wing party that managed to gain momentum among the electorate.

Despite its relative success, UKIP failed to translate votes into seats in the general election despite winning millions of votes.

Speaking to Tom Harwood, Farage explained why he believes Reform UK could have a different fate.

Richard Tice and Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage praised Richard Tice’s success


“In the 2015 general election, in which I led UKIP, the problem I faced was the perception that we were dividing the Conservative vote,” he said.

“We still have four million votes. That’s why a couple of million people who could have voted for us didn’t, they might have feared a Labor-SNP coalition.

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Tom Harwood and Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage joined Tom Harwood on GB News


“Here is the difference. When voters go to the polls this year, the argument that voting for reform is a wasted vote has almost disappeared overnight in the Midlands, North and I think South Wales is in that category .

“The conservatives cannot win the elections.

“The conservative press cannot squeeze out the reformist vote because they are going to lose anyway.

“Reform will be the challenge for the Labor Party. Labor is way ahead at the moment.

“The reform will need almost the entire conservative vote to have a chance of winning those seats.

“The way politics is changing so quickly, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

A defiant Richard Tice declared last night that his party is now the “real” opposition while discussing the Blackpool by-election result with Tom Harwood.

His party came third, just 117 votes behind the Conservatives.

Before the results were announced, he said: “It will be our best by-election by a considerable margin and this just reinforces that, frankly, we are on the way up, the Conservatives are on the way down.”

He added: “We are rapidly becoming the real opposition – in the red wall seats, in the north of England and indeed, I think, in the Midlands – to the Labor Party.”