Brown issues warning to Red Bull after Newey leaves

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown says his team has received several job applications from Red Bull staff following the departure of Adrian Newey.

Newey will leave the F1 champions after almost two decades at the Milton Keynes-based team at the end of the first quarter of 2025. Tension exists within the team, with which the outgoing technical director was believed to be unhappy.

There has been considerable speculation heading into the Miami Grand Prix weekend about the implications of Newey’s departure, with Brown determined to take advantage of the insecurity surrounding the situation.

“Am I surprised? Six months ago, I would have been surprised,” Brown told media, including RacingNews365 when asked if the news had caught him off guard.

“I think given everything that’s happened since the beginning of the year and knowing Adrian (Newey) quite well, he’s a very high-integrity individual. “I’m not surprised he’s moving forward.

“I think with the things that are happening there (at Red Bull) it’s a little destabilizing. It’s probably the first domino to fall, I’m guessing it won’t be the last based on the resumes that are floating around.”

An increase in Red Bull’s CV

The most prominent name linked with a move elsewhere has been Max Verstappen. Mercedes is openly courting the three-time champion and there have been suggestions that the team could offer him a deal worth up to €150 million a year.

Brown’s comments, however, get to the heart of a potentially deeper problem for Red Bull. Pressed on his claim about CVs sent by Red Bull staff, he replied: “Yes, we have seen an increase in CVs coming to us from Red Bull.

“Adrian (Newey) is the most successful designer of all time. So in addition to the technical (knowledge) he brings to the racing team, people want to work for people like Adrian Newey and work alongside him.

“So I think they’ll miss what he brings to the team from a purely technical standpoint, and then I think they’ll miss the leadership and the excitement that people get from working with him.”