SteamWorld Heist II trailer delves into the sequel’s gameplay

Following its recent announcement at the Indie World showcase, SteamWorld Heist II has received a new trailer that delves into the gameplay of the upcoming title.

Naturally, we get a glimpse of the turn-based combat, including a tasty preview of the rebound gunfight. The highlight of the trailer, however, is the game’s new task system. By equipping your teammates with specific weapons, you can determine what job they have and upgrade their abilities from there.

Next, enemies will take center stage with the trailer detailing the types of enemies you’ll face and the strategy you’ll need to implement to defeat them. It’ll all look pretty familiar if you’ve played the first game, but my goodness, it looks pretty impressive.

All in all, it’s a nice little showcase for the game, which is releasing for the Switch on. August 8, 2024. The animations are perfect and, aesthetically speaking, there is nothing like SteamWorld games. Simply lovely stuff.