News Corp cites anti-immigration TikToker but does not reveal role of former adviser to One Nation MP | australian media

An anti-immigration TikToker appeared in the Daily Telegraph as a spokesperson for his self-founded organization “Migration Watch”, but the tabloid News Corp did not reveal his role as a political adviser to a former One Nation MP.

Last week, the Daily Telegraph quoted “Jordan Knight of Migrant (sic) Watch Australia” in an article that blamed the shortage of social housing in New South Wales on the number of “foreign families”.

Knight is the founder of Migration Watch Australia, which advocates for a “pause” on immigration. But the article did not reveal that Knight is also a political adviser to Rod Roberts, a New South Wales independent who recently left One Nation.

In the article, the Telegraph reported that “a surprising number of migrant families have taken up social housing across New South Wales, and new figures reveal that more than 22% of all rentals are occupied by foreign families.”

The housing figures were based on data provided in a response to a question to NSW Housing Minister Rose Jackson, posed by the politician himself, Roberts, the deputy speaker of the upper house.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the proportion of Australians born overseas has exceeded 30% for the first time since 1893, but those figures include people who are not recent arrivals and who may have lived in the country for decades.

The article includes quotes from Knight that “the ‘safety net’ of social housing for struggling families across New South Wales was being eroded” by migrants.

“The best way to alleviate the demand for social housing is to pull the immigration lever,” he said.

Roberts told Guardian Australia that Knight is his advisor but “does other things in his private time” that are “not relevant to his work for me.” She said questions about his notice were available for anyone to access and that he did not give the details to the Telegraph.

Australian Migration Observatory said in X is a “non-partisan grassroots group of like-minded Australians”, and appears to be a one-man shop producing anti-immigration TikToks for Knight’s 7,698 followers and 92 Facebook followers.

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Jordan Knight discussing his opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph on TikTok. Photography: Jordan Knight Tik Tok

In March, the Daily Telegraph published an opinion piece by Knight, who is also a regular contributor to the right-wing magazine Spectator Australia. The article argued that Labour’s immigration policy was “putting us on the road to ruin”.

“In the same way that images of bread queues came to signify the fall of the Soviet Empire, these housing queues could also define the beginning of Sydney’s decline, unless something is done,” Knight wrote. The newspaper did not indicate that she was a political staffer.

Knight took to TikTok with a photo of the article, telling his followers: “I just wanted to brag that it was in the paper. Hopefully, we will continue to appear in the newspaper. I’m not going to leave. Keep pushing.”

Nine Entertainment’s Fordham has used Knight’s views more than once on his show. “It’s getting harder and harder to get a fair shot,” Fordham said on air in response to Sunday’s housing article. “And the consequences for Australians on the social housing waiting list have been catastrophic.”

Fordham declined to comment. Knight and Daily Telegraph editor Ben English have been contacted for comment.

In an interview with the Daily Mail in March, which included references to his campaign and political role, Knight said he couldn’t talk about immigration without being called a racist.

“I’m predominantly, 99% focused on the economy, but I’ve found that even if you talk about it, unfortunately you’re still going to be called a racist, but that’s just the name of the game,” Knight said. .

Knight has increased his social media presence since 2023. His website, Migration Watch Australia, calls on the government to “pause immigration,” making claims such as “sometimes migrant communities vote against local people” and “ Immigration can generate crime, unemployment and negative social behaviors.”

A Daily Telegraph article quoting Knight about immigration and social housing waiting lists. Photography: Daily Telegraph

Dr Kurt Sengul, who researches media populism at Macquarie University, said the Migration Watch Australia website contained “standard right-wing populist talking points on immigration focused on culture, security and employment for local workers.” .

“The arguments presented by Migration Watch in their ‘reasons why we need to pause now’ are consistent with Australia’s long history of anti-immigration policies.”

Knight did not respond to a request for comment.