Spiral UFO sightings spark shock across US, Europe: ‘SOMEONE EXPLAIN PLZ’

The truth is out there.

People from the southwestern US to Scandinavia and the far reaches of Eastern Europe posted footage of an unidentified flying object they saw mysteriously coasting overhead in a spiral pattern Thursday evening.

“Completely clear skies, and I see a super blurry white light (no flashes like a plane), coming straight at me horizontally. “It then goes straight up and FREAKING (DISSAPPEARS),” one user frankly posted to X along with a video of the object.

“SOMEONE EXPLAIN PLZ,” they added.

Another account aggregated video of the UFO flying over palm trees in Southern California. A Canoga Park resident in Los Angeles posted footage, too.

Another man in Arizona caught the anomaly on camera at around 9 pm local time. I have offered another vivid description.

“Was an orange light surrounded by fog in an otherwise completely clear night,” the eyewitness posted.

“Went up and eventually disappeared. “Video doesn’t do it justice.”

In Finland, a user on Reddit posted a photo of the vivid object at twilight.

Footage of the strange object quickly went viral online. reddit

“No idea what it was,” they wrote with the caption. “Just saw a UFO!”

“Surely I didn’t fly. “Took a video too, moved towards the horizon slowly and disappeared.”

However, there might be a rather terrestrial explanation. On Thursday, there were two SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches spread across the East and West coasts, according to

The first flew out of Vandenberg Space Force Base north of Santa Barbara, California, and the later one left Flordia’s Cape Canaveral at 10:37 pm Eastern time.

Alpha Centauri, a space enthusiast group based in Ukraine, also posted about seeing a Falcon 9 trail overhead.

“Over some regions of the country, the second stage of the Falcon 9 carrier could be seen,” the group wrote.

The object was seen from the US to Eastern Europe. X/NRAyoungboy

Two SpaceX flights were active around the time of the sightings. Craig Bailey/FLORIDA TODAY / USA TODAY NETWORK

Last year, a study found that Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches were triggering a large uptick in UFO reports.

One launch created an alien-induced panic in New Jersey last September. Another 2023 mission delighted a photographer in Alaska who captured a SpaceX ship’s spiral passing through the northern lights.