Local election results 2024: Mayoral results to be published after Labor secures key victories

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Caption: Ben Houchen’s third-term victory in Tees Valley was something of a bright spot for the Conservatives.

The first results of what is likely to be one of the last big tests of public opinion before the general election were known on Friday, and the results are clear.

Labor has won more than 170 council seats, taking control of eight councils including Milton Keynes and Nuneaton, traditionally considered swing seats for general elections.

So far there is an average swing of 9% by the Conservatives since 2021, who have lost more than 400 councilors and 10 councils.

His only respite came from the Tees Valley, where Conservative incumbent Ben Houchen won a third term as regional mayor.

Results are mixed for Reform UK, whose party took 16.9% of the vote in Blackpool South and came third; However, it has so far only won two council seats, both in Havant.

The Liberal Democrats and Greens have made modest gains, with the Liberal Democrats gaining over 100 councilors and winning Tunbridge Wells and the Greens gaining over 60 seats and becoming the largest party in Bristol.

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