Mikey Roynon: Judge unmasks three teenagers who killed a schoolboy at a house party for his 16th birthday

Three teenagers who killed a promising young rapper after bringing a knife to a girl’s 16th birthday party can be identified for the first time.

Mikey Roynon, 16, received fatal knife wounds to the neck after being attacked with a large “zombie knife” during a party in Bath in June last year.

Bleeding profusely, he managed to walk from the garden to the entrance of the party venue on Eastfield Avenue before collapsing, while his three attackers disposed of their weapons.

Shane Cunningham, Cartel Bushnell and Leo Knight (left to right) were identified for the first time by a judge at Bristol Crown Court. (Avon and Somerset Police/PA)

Shane Cunningham, the 16-year-old who stabbed Mikey, was found guilty of murder following a trial at Bristol Crown Court on Friday and was jailed for life, with a minimum sentence of 16 years.

Two other teenagers, Cartel Bushnell and Leo Knight, both 16, were also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter during the trial and received sentences of nine years and nine and a half years of juvenile detention.

While they remained anonymous during the trial, the Honorable Justice Saini lifted reporting restrictions for the first time during Friday’s sentencing.

Mikey had gone to Nando’s house the night he died, but unbeknownst to his mother, he went to a party in Bath where he died. (Hayley Ryall)

Speaking outside the courtroom, Mikey’s mother Hayley said the decision to name the defendants was “a really big thing for me”.

CCTV before the party discovered the three boys had traveled by bus from the Wiltshire area armed with knives. After stabbing Mikey, they were caught on camera again discussing what had happened before getting rid of some of their clothes and knives.

During the trial, Cunningham claimed he was acting in self-defence when he stabbed Mikey after claiming that Mikey had brandished a knife at his friends in the property’s garden.

Leo Knight was caught on CCTV with a knife in his trousers while bending over on a bus. (Avon and Somerset Police)

Talking with him Independent before sentencingHis wife Ryall said her son was proudly wearing his new trainers on the night he was murdered, which she had bought him to mark the start of his GCSE exams.

“I saw him come down and I smiled and said, ‘You look very handsome,’” Ms. Ryall said. “He smiled back at me and then, as he walked out the door, he turned around and said, ‘I love you.’

“And that’s how I’ll remember the last time I saw him.”

He knew instantly something was wrong when he discovered 37 missed calls on his mobile phone and his friends told him he had been stabbed and died.

“I couldn’t – couldn’t – believe it at first. I sent my friend to the nearby hospital to look for him and got another friend to drive me to Bath. But when I arrived, I found out that he did not reach the hospital,” he said.

Mikey celebrates his 16th birthday at his home in Kingswood, near Bristol. (Hayley Ryall)

“I saw that at the address (of the house party) there was a forensic tent and agents walking around in white suits. A police officer told me what happened and told me that he should go home. I was stunned. “I can’t explain the feeling.”

He has now set up the Mikey’s World group, which aims to combat knife crime locally, and which aims to distribute bleeding control kits in pubs, sports clubs and halls.

In a statement read in court during Friday’s hearing, she described the impact her son’s death had on her.

She said: “Every morning I wake up and it hurts just as much as the last morning. I keep having horrible dreams that Mikey is missing and I’m looking for him, but even horrible dreams are better than waking up to reality.

“At least in my dreams he is somewhere, while in reality he is no longer there.”

Mikey Roynon was described as “fun, loving and full of life” by his mother Hayley Ryall (Hayley Ryall)

Sentencing the boys, the Honorable Justice Saini said: “The day Mikey was killed, he was only 16 years old. He was a boy. His family has suffered an unimaginable loss.

“Bristol and its surrounding areas are in the middle of a plague of knife crime.

“The plague has continued since this trial ended. The lives of young knife-carrying children continue to be taken at the hands of other knife-carrying children.

“Those who carry knives are the most likely to be killed with a knife.”

Detective Inspector Mark Newbury, the senior investigating officer, said: “For three children to arm themselves with knives to go to a teenager’s 16th birthday party is absolutely unconscionable.

“Mikey went to that party to socialize and have a good time. Instead, he was attacked with a horrible weapon, suffered a catastrophic injury, and tragically lost his life.

“Mikey was a much-loved teenager and his family was completely devastated. They have shown incredible bravery and bravely spoken out against knife crime since his death, something they should never have to do.