Kyle Walker is contemplating a big move away from Man City following frenzied speculation about his turbulent love life.

MAN City ace Kyle Walker is considering a Premier League move to Saudi Arabia.

The 33-year-old English defender has asked his former teammate Riyad Mahrez for advice on the possibility of moving to the Middle East.

Kyle Walker is considering leaving the Premier League for Saudi ArabiaCredit: Eamonn and James Clarke
You could expect to receive tens of millions each year if you target the riches of the capital, Riyadh, or another city in the oil-producing state.Credit: EyeEm / Alamy

Mahrez, also 33, left City to join Saudi Pro League club Al-Ahli in a big-money move last year.

The Algerian winger is reported to earn £45million a year and Walker could expect something similar if he heads to the riches of the capital Riyadh or another city in the oil-producing state.

Kyle, who is expected to play for England at the Euros in Germany this summer, is said to be “very happy” at title rivals City.

But friends say he is “exploring all options ahead” in the wake of frenzied media speculation about his turbulent love life.

His wife Annie Kilner, mother of four of his children, is also willing to move when the time is right.

A source told The Sun today: “Kyle has been thinking about his future after the Premier League and thinks a move to Saudi Arabia could be perfect for him, Annie and their children when he finishes here.

“He has been talking to Riyad about the football clubs that exist and what life is like for the people who move there. Obviously, the lifestyle is very different.

“Kyle loves playing for Manchester City and is devoted to the club, but his head is screwed and he has been thinking about what the future holds for him when his time in the Prem and in England is over.”

The source added: “His conversations with Riyad have opened his eyes to what it is really like to play in clubs and what the reality would be if he moved there.

“It’s something Kyle and Annie have also discussed and she would be willing to move there at some point in the future with her children.

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“And of course there would be a lot less public scrutiny on him than he would like, especially after the last few months of turmoil that has manifested itself so publicly.”

Mahrez moved to Saudi Arabia with his wife Taylor Ward and their young daughter.

A clip of influencer Taylor breaking down in tears after telling him about her move was seen on social media.

But after the move, he said: “When I made my first trip, I saw a Nando’s. I thought, ‘I’m so happy they have Nando’s.'”

Kyle and Annie with three of their four children after a gameCredit: AFP-Getty
His former teammate Riyad Mahrez had already taken the big step to Al-AhliCredit: Getty
Kyle will play for Manchester City on SundayCredit: Rex Features