King Frederick and Queen Mary give a powerful message after the controversy and impress Kate Middleton

The Kings of Denmark were accused of Photoshopping a gala portrait of Their Majesties

The Danish royal couple is currently locked in a photo editing dispute a month after Princess Kate apologized.

King Frederick and Queen Mary are wisely handling the Danish royal controversy over photoshop, and they also made Kate Middleton impress with their powerful interview.

The royal couple gave their first interview to Danish broadcaster TV 2 while aboard their royal yacht, the Kongeskibet Dannebrog.

This comes as the King and Queen of Denmark were forced to refute allegations that a recent portrait of the couple had been artificially manipulated.

Frederik and Mary posted their first official gala portrait last month, however royal watchers accused the couple of photoshopping.

Responding to the criticism, the Danish Palace confirmed that: “The official gala portrait of the Royal Household has not been manipulated.”

During their inaugural interview since ascending the throne earlier this year, Frederik and Mary discussed the future of the monarchy and recalled their childhood memories, emphasizing their focus on the well-being of the people rather than wasting time on controversies.

The couple confirmed that they wanted to protect the tradition of the monarchy, however, they are focused on the “present and future” of the institution.

Mary said: “We have not set a fixed route, but a good direction. We are going to continue the paths we have laid out. Our interest in nature, communities and business. We also want to be a real couple that is visible and present in all of Denmark.”

The couple continued talking about their upcoming state visit to Sweden and Norway on their yacht.

For the uninitiated, the Danish royal couple is currently locked in a dispute over photo editing a month after Princess Kate apologized.

In the image, Queen Mary is seen wearing a deep green lace and velvet dress designed by Birgit Hallstein, along with the Danish emerald parure.

Several fans praised the “beauty” of the photo, but also questioned whether it had been manipulated. Some even went on to claim that the royal couple “obviously” took individual portraits and Photoshopped them together.

Many followers pointed out the placement of Queen Mary’s hand in front of King Frederick’s, claiming it looked out of place, saying: “It looks like Queen Mary has been put in Fred’s photo. The hand position is identical.” “.