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Ethiopia Prepaid Credit Card _ Hibret Bank
Photo credit: Hibret Bank.


toronto – Hibret Bank launched a new financial product this week. The bank has partnered with Mastercard and Premier Switch Solutions for Mastercard prepaid service in Ethiopia. He said the product “will play a key role in the inclusion of digital finance.”

It was launched this week in the meeting room of Hibret Bank’s headquarters in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Melaku Kebede, CEO, said the bank pays special attention to technology and collaborations. For him, the launch of the Mastercard prepaid card demonstrates Hibret Bank’s commitment to it.

“This collaboration between Hibret Bank, Master Card and Premier Switch Solutions for a prepaid Mastercard service… is a crucial chapter in digital financial inclusion. The improvements of the Hiber mobile application and the core banking system that we developed not only helped to further improve our internal innovative capacity, but also demonstrate our determination to achieve a service guarantee and a better user experience,” the CEO is quoted as saying. .

Mark Elliott, president of Mastercard in Africa, commented on the partnership. He believes the collaboration for prepaid Mastercard with Hibret Bank demonstrates the effort to make economic transformation in Africa a success. “We are helping the effort towards a prosperous Africa by introducing secure and convenient payment options for consumers and businesses,” he said.

Hibret Bank, according to a news update it shared on its social media page, is one of the three founders of Premier Switch Solutions.

Amha Tadesse, CEO of Premier Switch Solutions, said the introduction of prepaid Mastercard is a testament that Hibert Bank and Mastercard are determined to provide a reliable service to the public.

Hibret is one of the pioneers in the history of private banking in Ethiopia. He has been in business for over 25 years. He has more than 488 branches throughout the country.


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