Alter will bring her Harley Quinn energy to season 21 in Apex Legends

Apex legendsThe new character is ready to send herself (and everyone around her) into an apocalyptic spiral. Respawn Entertainment unveiled its new fighter on Friday to join the roster of playable characters in its popular online shooter. His name is Alter, and the Harley Quinn-style legend will bring a set of void-based powers to the popular online shooter, as shown in his trailer.

She is just one of several new additions coming to Apex legends as part of the upcoming 21st season of the shooter, Upheaval. Solos mode will return at the start of the season and will replace Duos until the end of June. Meanwhile, the Broken Moon map is getting a major overhaul, complete with new visuals and the devastating revamp of several points of interest. Respawn Entertainment shared more details about all the changes coming to the game in a blog on EA’s website.

It looks like Alter will inject a good amount of shock into the matches. It seems like you combined Harley Quinn with the technological know-how of infamous Spider-Man villain Doc Ock. His main gimmick revolves around void-based powers that allow him to create rifts in the map and use them to his advantage in skirmishes. He looks pretty cool if you ask me, and it looks like he’ll use them to inspire as much chaos as possible.

Apex legends The next season of Upheaval will be available on May 7, 2024.