‘Sick and disgusting!’ Viral video sparks debate about racism as Chinese manager hits African workers with stick | Look

Allegations of racial discrimination against Chinese nationals working in African countries have resurfaced after a video showing a Chinese man whipping African workers with a stick went viral on social media today. The viral video shared on microblogging platform

Lucre further added: “It seems that the Chinese are ‘much more racist than the white man’ in Africa. In the viral video, the African workers are seen sitting in what looks like a container and the Chinese man yells at them. He then takes out a stick and begins to mercilessly beat the African workers, while they cover their heads to avoid serious injuries.

The viral video, which has accumulated almost 14.7 million views, 82,000 likes, 41,000 reposts and 13,000 comments, has sparked a debate about racism and slavery among Internet users. Livemint cannot verify the authenticity of the video.

Reactions on social networks

The viral video has sparked a debate about racism and slavery on the Internet, with many users expressing their anguish over the Chinese manager’s racial behavior.

“Compared to the rest of the world, the United States is not racist at all. In the United States there are equal rights. If this video had been taken in the US, that man would be in jail right now. In other nations… what that video shows is normal. We need to unite as a people,” one user reacted.

“Everyone criticizes the United States while completely ignoring the human rights abuses happening around the world,” another user commented.

“Every race has had slaves, and every race has bad people among them. It’s time for all the good people, who make up the majority in every race, to unite against those who are bad in every race,” said another.

“You don’t hit your employees and those are just kids. It’s sick and disgusting!” said another user.

Similar incidents have been reported before. In April last year, news agency ANI reported on the mistreatment of African workers by Chinese project managers in African countries. In 2021, a local court awarded a Kenyan worker more than $25,000 after he was beaten by his Chinese employer.

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