Mike Tyson goes deep into his own spiritual awakening, claims he is ready to meet God

Qeople who have followed Mike Tyson’s career since he was a teenager will know how much the former heavyweight has gone through. Just like any human, he has made some terrible mistakes and grown from them in order to find enlightment. A man who served some years in jail for a terrible crime from which he has always felt guilty and apologetic, especially during his recent spiritual awakening. One of the main reasons Mike Tyson’s personality has changed so much over the years is due to the balance he found in ever aspect of his life. Today, he has a loving wife and children. He is owner of multiple successful businesses and he is constantly high in life.

Mike Tyson’s new mindset hints at nerves ahead of Jake Paul fight

Mike Tyson hints he is ready to meet his maker

Not that he wants to die but Mike Tyson’s recent interview for the ‘Good Trouble’ podcast is an indicator that the man is finally feeling complete. Another important aspect of this spiritual awakening is the new perspective I have found through the use of psychedelic substances. That alone will make anyone’s priorities change overnight. Mike Tyson knows this and he just doesn’t seem to care about the most superficial stuff in life. In this podcast hosted by tennis star Nicholas KyrgiosTyson said: “The spiritual journey will never be over. Your spirituality changes and your soul changes. I am at the stage now where I am pretty much at peace. And I’m just at this stage now where I’m ready to meet god. I was raised off hypnosis since I was 13 to the end of my career and I always had a hypnosis before I fought.”

These statements might scare some fans who already fear for Tyson’s life in the upcoming fight against Jake Paul. Folks have even talked about a scary idea of ​​him getting punched in the head too hard. After hearing him talk like this, everyone who still wants to keep getting wisdom from Mike could be even more scared because this is a man who is not scared of dying. We want more Mike Tyson in our lives and we all expect he comes out from that event in one piece. How do you think he will fare against Jake Paul on July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Texas?