Final Bloodstained Update Adds Latest Kickstarter Goals

Almost a decade after the launch of the game’s Kickstarter campaign, Bloody: Ritual of the night is about to receive its final update. He Castlevania: Symphony of the Night spiritual successor of the former producer of the series Koji Igarashi It launched in 2019 and has received constant content updates since then. These patches have primarily focused on adding features originally promised in the Kickstarter campaign, including stretch goals. This latest update is very similar, but will get the game off to a high note with the addition of the ability to play with or against friends.

Developer ArtPlay announced the latest update in a May 2 blog publish on the game’s official website. Update 1.5 will be released for PlayStation, PC and Xbox on May 9 and a week later (May 16) for Nintendo Switch. Version 1.5 Bloody will introduce two exciting new game modes.

The first, Chaos Mode, is essentially a boss rush in which players fight through a series of randomized rooms to defeat demons and bosses. The mode can be played solo or in local and online co-op.

A split screen setup for Versus mode in Bloodstained

Image: 505 games

The second, Versus Mode, pits players against each other, but not in an all-out brawl. At the start of the match, players will enter an exclusive room for battle. They will then face waves of enemy hordes in a battle to see who can survive the longest. By defeating enemies, you earn souls that you can then use to upgrade your equipment or purchase attacks that will negatively affect your opponent, with effects such as reversing your controls. Naturally, whoever lasts the longest wins.

In addition to these two game modes, update 1.5 also adds four cosmetic packs. One is free and three are premium packages. However, it seems like the development team still has something else in store, as the blog post suggests. Classic II: The Curse of Dominique, a new premium DLC that will add a larger map and a new story with the Classic game mode. That doesn’t have a release date yet.

As the blog points out, Chaos and Versus modes are the ultimate goals of the game. Once version 1.5 is released, the team will work to release a physical version for PC, giving some backers the latest promised reward. After that, ArtPlay will have completed a journey of almost ten years with Bloody.