7 of 8 halal meat outlets closed in Calgary in uninspected meat probe allowed to reopen

Public health officials have rescinded closure orders imposed late last month on several halal meat outlets in Calgary that were prompted by an investigation into the sale of uninspected meat that began last fall.

The eight businesses, which included commercial and restaurant services, were ordered to close between April 19 and April 22.

Alberta Health Services Environmental Public Health (EPH) said in a release on Friday that seven of them have now been notified that they can resume operations.

“As directed by EPH, all uninspected meat has been destroyed and the facilities have been cleaned under the scrutiny of an AHS Public Health Inspector,” the release said.

“The operators were also required to sign an agreement that going forward they will only acquire and provide food from an approved source.”

Officials said because the investigation is ongoing, no further information can be released.

AHS said it’s not aware of illnesses associated with uninspected meat from the affected businesses.

Halal refers to food that conforms to the dietary rules of Islam. For meat to be considered halal, the animal must be slaughtered manually in a specific manner.

They affected businesses are:

  • Alta Halal Meat – rescinded.

  • Bismillah Meat and Grocery – terminated.

  • Madina Halal Meat and Grocery – terminated.

  • Mediterranean Halal Meats and Deli – rescinded.

  • Mustafa Madina Halal Meat and Grocery – terminated.

  • Shawdesi Bazaar – terminated.

  • Shawdesi Foods & Catering – terminated.

Anyone who purchased meat from any of the businesses before April 23 should dispose of it and watch for symptoms of gastro-intestinal bacterial infection, AHS said.

Symptoms of food-borne illnesses can include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps, high fever and blood in stool.