Dublin firefighter accused of rape on St. Patrick’s weekend in Boston returns to court – The Irish Times

The Dublin firefighter accused of rape over St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Boston has been taken back into custody ahead of a “probable cause” hearing into the allegations against him early next month.

At the motion hearing in Boston Municipal Court, Terence Crosbie’s attorney, Daniel Reilly, requested additional evidence from the bar and hotel that the defendant and plaintiff frequented before and during the alleged assault.

Reilly said that while he received some video surveillance evidence from the prosecutor’s office Tuesday night, he was requesting additional video from the Omni Parker House and The Black Rose, as well as information about the establishments’ staff.

The Black Rose is a great iconic bar in downtown Boston, famous for its St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The Omni Parker House is a historic hotel not far from the bar.

As previously reported in The Irish Times, Mr Crosbie flew to Boston with other members of the Dublin Fire Brigade on Thursday, March 14 for the city’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations. The complainant reported his assault to Boston police officers at Massachusetts General Hospital the following morning.

Reilly said he was seeking a longer timeline of video evidence, as well as the names of employees who worked at both establishments on Thursday and Friday.

Deputy Prosecutor Erin Murphy questioned the defense request, particularly the request for information about the employees. “Why is it relevant who was working at times when neither party was there?” she asked the court.

At the initial hearing, Judge Joseph Griffin asked Reilly to limit his request, considering the video he received the night before.

At a later hearing that same afternoon, Reilly said the defense was not “looking for anything that’s not relevant.” She noted that establishments often remove video if the material is not requested in time.

“We want to make sure that nothing disappears, that nothing happens and that memories fade,” Reilly said. She also noted that Boston is a college town and the bar staff may leave over the summer.

Reilly said that in addition to requesting evidence from the prosecution, the defense also sent private investigators to the two establishments to collect the material themselves.

Judge Griffin sided with the defense. “It seems to me that what the defense is looking for is relevant,” he said. A Rule 17 motion hearing related to the defense’s request is scheduled for May 16.

The plaintiff, 28, did not appear in court Wednesday.

Mr Crosbie (37) remained silent during two brief hearings, standing in shackles at the side of the courtroom, frowning, dressed in a gray T-shirt and trainers.

He has not yet been formally charged and remains behind bars on $100,000 bail. A probable cause hearing is scheduled for June 3.