Toddler’s ‘artwork’ on side of LandCruiser shocks Aussies: ‘Would’ve seen red’

A mum was shocked by her toddler’s artistic endevour after she turned her head for just “20 seconds” and returned to find doodles all along the sides of her LandCruiser.

On Wednesday the woman said she was putting stuff into the boot of her car while her three-year-old daughter played nearby. It was only after she completed the task that she noticed her daughter had been busy too.

“I was standing at the back of the car loading in all the beach stuff when she ran around to the side,” she said online, explaining how the white squiggles and lines appeared on the black paintwork.

After posting a video online Aussies admitted they “would have seen red” if it had happened to them, with many worried how much it would cost the woman to fix.

“I don’t know how you’re not crying,” one woman said, while many others empathized with the mum, admitting they too had experienced this first hand.

“My kids decided to play noughts and crosses with rocks on the back of my week-old car,” one parent said. “My daughter wrote her ABC’s on my truck with a stick,” another said.

There were concerns the “artwork” had been engraved into the paintwork but the mum set the record straight, confirming the daughter had only used chalk.

“It’s fine it’s just chalk. We went to the car wash, we wiped it off, my car is fine,” she said.

The mum explained she had a chat with her daughter about how the behavior was inappropriate and got her to help tidy up the mess.

“We had a chat about what is and isn’t appropriate to draw on with chalk and then when we got to the car wash, she got out and helped me clean the car,” she said.

“Everyone who said this is good contraception, you are welcome.”

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